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I never heard that before, bleaching the QT.
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I haven't heard exactly the phrase "bleaching the QT" either, but I think Mark means to just get the QT as sterile as possible before the fish go in. %% Obviously you can't just pour bleach into a tank and just do a water change.

Yes, your biological filtration is your live rock and sponges. Those are sponge filters, right? The ones with the airlines in them? Not just like a prefilter sponge?

Personally I don't see the point of breaking down the tank, and restarting. Everything in this hobby seems to point that the older the tank is, the better established and safer it is. I would just continue to do water changes and get the levels as good as possible.

Like I said above, I had a 5.5" Goldbar Wrasse and 4.5" Indo Harlequin Tusk together in my 55gal QT. No issues with the fish, what so ever, the Tusk just quickly learned that the Goldbar was getting first dibs on food and all was well. I suspect it might be the other way around with those fish. Keep in mind 11" of wrasses or so, is going to be a pretty large bioload for a tank with no real filtration, frequent water changes will be needed. Every tank is different but I did 10gal every 3 days.
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Hey Aqua ! Thanks for the well detailed info. So stupid me decided to bleach the tank............I took the pieces of live rock that I had, and removed the carbon and sponges from the hang-on filter. I left the bleach in the tank for about an hour. I then did a slight water change and then added some Prime and Amquel+. So I checked the reading an Amm-0 Nitrite -0 Ph was 7.8 so I fixed that with some buffer and the Nitrate is at 10.
So I guess I'm ok -? But my big problem is that the whole QT tank is green. I didn't put back the bio-filtration yet, cuz I not sure if the green will affect it -? So what should I do guys-?
I'm getting the wrasses in the morning. Help !!!
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Man, I don't know... I'm no expert but I don't think you should put any fish in a tank with bleach in it. You'll probably have to empty the whole tank, rinse it very well, add new water, put the LR back in and so on before any fish will live in it. At this point you'll probably have to put the wrasses in your DT.

Again, I'm no expert... maybe someone else can offer more advice.
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Yea Pete...... I hope I didn't screw things up. I should of just left the QT alone. I am pretty sure I put too much bleach in there. But I did remove half and added fresh mixed salt. And all the readings are fine. The Ammonia color did look a little weird in the tube, it was all yellow. Boy did I screw up. I got the fishes, but I have it here at my job, so I won't put them in until tonight. I don't know what to do
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Is any bleach at all ok to have in a fish tank?

btw, what was the reason to bleach the QT anyway?
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I bleached my 25 after the move to AZ, I just made sure it was completely clean before I set it up. Tenecor, whom made my 240 acrylic recommends bleach to get a tank totally clean after a move or when resetting up a tank....Here is what they say

"Cleaning Aquariums With Bleach
On occasions where a complete cleaning of the aquarium is required, such as a change from saltwater to freshwater or after prolonged storage, the use of chlorine bleach can be very effective. A half gallon of bleach mixed with 20 gallons of water or more is great for sterilization and is perfectly safe for acrylic.

However, if you are not totally confident in your QT, put them in the DT....To my knowledge this is the most expensive fish you have, that is my whole issue with QT, if not done right, I find it more potentially damaging.

9 of my 11 fish in my 240 came from where your order is, I didn't QT any of them. When I ordered a Black Velvet Angel from them, they delayed the order twice because the fish was not healthy. I feel bad ever recommending to skip QT, but again if you are not comfortable with your QT setup......%%
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GT, do you know what bleach you used? Chlorine bleach or non-chlorine bleach? Is it 100% regular bleach? No detergents or fragrances added?

If you are unsure of how much bleach you dosed, and therefore unsure of how much Prime/Amquel+ you should dose, at this point, with fish in hand, the only way I'd feel comfortable, is to add them to the display. There is no way I'd risk putting the fish in a tank that is yielding an unusual ammonia reading.
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Pete, I spoke to Mark at BZ, and he said that I should dose the tank with bleach to make sure its 100% sterile before adding the fish. I think I put in a way too much. I know all guys have QT, so when its fishless, how do you guys maintain, I will definitely follow you guys next time. Its not Mark's fault, I just dosed too much. Hey Kirk, I never took down the QT, I left it running since the last additions. So does the bleach only need to be used when the tank is taken down -? Yea, the Tusk will be the most expensive fish ever purchase, so I am taking a big risk, if I did use the QT. Nothing to feel bad about Kirk, it was my fault, I just put too much bleach in . So I guess I'll just add them to the display. I'll just drip them for an hour and a half, and hope for the best. Hey Aqua, I used Colorox Bleach..... Sodium Hypo Chloright 6% other ingredients 94%, total 100%. Yea the Ammonia reading was a weird yellow/green color. Thanks for the concerns
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Keep us updated please, anxious to hear what you did and how they are doing.
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My girl friend used my algae scrubber on a stick with bleach and cleaned up around the house. That is how my 90 crashed. I used it not knowing what she did, honest mistake by her part, but my fish were dead in less than a work day. I have no idea how much bleach was on the sponge part that scraps off the algae but it crushed my tank.
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Thanks Crypt ! No more bleach for me, I've learned my lesson.
Ok guys !! Big update.....They are in....since last night....sorry for the late reply. Both are just so beautiful, I cannot take my eyes off of them. The Aussie and Banana acclimated for about 2 hours. As soon I started the acclimation, the Tusk, was watching me the whole time, like he know what was going on. He was going through it like a champ. The banana was playing dead for a while and even till this morning. I came home this evening, and she was swimming with the Tusk. But most of the time, he's in the back of the tank, laying on the sand. He's really lazy. I've learned my lesson with bleach, NO MORE ! And as always, thanks for all of your help during this process guys !
You are the best !
Anyways.........PICS ...PICS.........PICS...........
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that is a gorgeous Tusk! I may have to get one for my 150 instead of a queen angel.
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It is the most beautiful fish I ever had ! TOO SWEET !
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how big is he?
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About 6inches
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FTS now fool!
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Well, two of my lights are blown.I have on 10,000k on the left side and a Actnitic on the side, so I'm waiting for the new bulbs to come in, then an FTS
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full tank shot. There is a list of letters posted on this site some where for all the codes and gang signs you can throw up that mean full words and sentences. has its own diverse language. You can type ftsftwfowlrhob and you just wrote a Stephen King Novel on fish only with live rock tanks. Come on buddy get with the program LOL!
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Wow, that Tusk is a knockout for sure. Typically Tusks show some nicks on the fins from handling/etc, Mark did you well, gorgeous specimen . Is it just that the pics really don't show it or does he/she have some green in the the gray stripe over the eyes? Not really a lot, just a slight green tint to it? Yours looks straight gray (not bad or good, just different I guess).

The Banana will should come around shortly. Just make sure his hiding is voluntary, and not forced hiding from aggression from a tankmate.

crypt, I think GT knows with FTS means, he just give a reason why he doesn't want to yet.
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