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sea urchins

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Does anyone know whether or not sea urchins can destroy live rock? I have a carrier urchin.
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my black spiney urchin ate all coralline alage off my rocks. my friend had a pencil urchin that dose the same. it also stabbed my clown one time when the clown was spooked and swimming away very fast and slammed into it. i dont know about the urchin you have just those two. hth
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so, do you still have them
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i traded him back in but if your attached to it leave him. i dont know about having it with corals it may poke them and hurt the corals at the time i didnt have and corals. maybe someone else can help out with it. but i know it did eat my coralline alage very quick. it is now about 6 months later and just starting to grow back.
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The only thing I know about problems with Urchins is that they can dislodge rock and corals fairly easy, and if in a small, confined area the can also pierce soft corals and anenomes..
And that if you allergic to wasp/bee stings, it probably isnt a good idea to get the stinging kind, but pencil urchins are cool, and dont sting..
~Susie ;)
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I have an urchin in my tank. He came in on a piece of gulf LR and I never took him out. He is only the size of a quarter, and I rarely ever see him. They do eat coraline algae, but I figure this guy is to small to do any real damage. I did watch a TLC program about them and apparently thousands of them can leave a reef looking like the site of a nuclear blast after 6 months.
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Wow Blonde,
Thats good to know, I didnt know that, almost all the books I have, say they are reef safe...
Thanks for that info.
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Congrats on your new aquisition!

The main problem with urchins, is not them so much eating coralline (probably encourages growth), but rather them KNOCKING THINGS OVER!
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Does anyone know how fast these things grow? Like I said mine is only the size of a quarter and really can't move any of the rocks in the tank, but how long before I have a monster anemone nocking stuff over?
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I had two hitch on my lr. They are long spiked and black. The first one was the size of a dime and the second half that size. 6 weeks later they both have grown 3-4 times their original size. Their growth rate is incredible. There is some coraline that has been eaten but they haven't caused any significant damage. I am afraid of them hurting my corals but as of yet there haven't been any problems. I don't have the heart to trade them in.
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i have a fairly large black long spined one, and it's a coralline eating machine. great for a fish only tank, not desirable for reefs in my opinion... ;)
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