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Can a pistol shrimp break glass

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I have a watchman goby and I have heard they will live with a pistol shrimp. I also think these shrimp are very interesting, but some people have told me that pistol shrimp can break aquarium glass which would be needless to say pretty bad. I am about to order one tonight but I am a little worried. I think the people that have told me this might be thinking of a mantis rather than a pistol. What are your opinions????????

I am hoping for quick responses <img src="graemlins//evilwhorn.gif" border="0" alt="[Evil Horn]" />
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While some mantis shrimp may have the potential to break glass, I have never heard that it has happened.
Some mantis shrimp "slash" and some "thump" when dispatching their prey.
Some researcher believe the "thumpers" have enough energy to break glass.

I would say your friend has confused this with pistol shrimp which can stun their prey "toe to toe".
I dont think they are capable of breaking glass.
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I had a few in my tank at one point. Came with new live rock. I found them to be a pain, just because of the noise. But that's just my opinion.
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