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I need help with my Dog face puffer

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Hello guys i got a Dog face in my QT tank. Hes been in there for 9 days now. I woke up this morning to see him swollen by one of his fins. The water quality is good but there are high nitrates. He has been doing great and still is eating. I been feeding him Formula 1 and Formula 2 Flake food, Mysis, and Krill. Anybody know what this is? What could of caused it? What can i do for him? the temp is at 75 degrees right now.
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it looks like some kind of infection.
since he is in qt i would add some maracyn 2.
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ok i can pick up some Maracyn 2 tomorrow. How long does that stuff last in the tank? What do you think caused the infection?
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Not sure about the infection but flake food and mysis is not healthy food for puffers. Puffers need more meaty foods, they can't live off flake food and even krill is borderline not healthy. Not to mention that puffers need to keep their teeth filed and none of these foods are gonna do that. Feed it raw shrimp with the shell on. Also mix in some quid, clams, mussels and sliversides.
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Doesnt look like he going to make it guys. He looks real bad. I dont know what happen to him. He was doing so great and over night he gets swollen and now in his last minutes. What Do you guys think happen to him? Ive never seen this before.
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Maybe he scratched himself on a rock and got infected? Do you see any scratch in that area? Any other fish in the QT with him? Also could be a bacterial infection.
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Did that area grow in size? If it didn't it almost looks like he got sucked into a powerhead. But I agree it looks more like an infection.
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I have a Velvet Damsel in there. The dog Face died. The swollen area got even bigger. He did not get sucked into a power head. I dont know what happen freakin sucks.
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sorry man,i lost my golden puffer to a qt crash.
they are great fish and really sucks to watch them die and dont know what to do.
how long did you have him?
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I had him for 9 days than that happen.
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yea thats about how long i had mine.
but it was my fault i dont think the tank had eneough good bacteria to support him and the chevron in it ,which i also lost to the crash.
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I don't know what happen to your fish, but I hate hearing that. I have had a couple dog-faced puffers and they have all done well during my keeping. I do know that they need meaty foods. In fact, that is all i fed mine. I would venture to say that when you bought him, he probably was already infected with what killed him.

That particular puffers definitely makes a mess as well. I have a large tank and have always had high nitrates, which was directly a result from that fish. When I got rid of the puffer, nitrates went considerably down.
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