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20 Gallon Refugium

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I have a 20 gallon long that I want to make into a refugium to grow Calerpa under my 150 gallon reef. I have a hong on the back overflow and a return pump already. I also have all the plexiglass I need. I had a design but then saw somewhere that you needed something to eliminate the bubbles for the return. if my first design would work it would be easier but if I have to go with the second I will. I am looking for some guidance. If I need any holes drilled in my plexiglass panels let me know. would this be too much flow or does it really matter since I am just trying to grow Calerpa (and any other algae I can get my hands on) I would love some Ideas because I have all the supplies I need (Including a plant grow light) and would like to get started right away.






refugium one.pngrefugium two.png

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Is this going to be a sump/refugium combo? Or is the refugium separate from the sump?

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It is just going to be a refugium, I have a huge canister filter for filtration.

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That design looks fine. Just make sure the flowrate that is dumping from the tank into the refugium is the same as what's being pumped oout.

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are you saying the top or bottom design one looks fine?

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The bubble traps are more or less for sumps that have skimmers because skimmers produce so many micro bubbles, but if you wanted to use it anyways like in your bottom design then I say go for couldn't hurt.  But either way I think that both designs would work just fine.

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Awesome, thanks for the help

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I was saying that either design works. The first one would obviously be simpler.

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