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Good or Bad Snail

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Like the title says, I have noticed some of these baby snails in my tank recently, are they good or bad.  I haven't introduced anything new since the upgrade.



good or bad snails 002.jpggood or bad snails 001.jpg

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Well I looked in Saxman's and Renee's Hitch Hiker ID and I think it is a Collonista  - small turbo snail 

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YUP....looks like it to me too

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Thanks meowzer, good to see some of these babies every now and then, how are you doing these days.

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Just and take care of tanks....LOL


look at night...that is when they come out mostly

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Yah, I have seen three or four in the same corner of the tank for the last couple of nights.

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i was gonna guess nerite.  they looked like nice things to have.

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