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What is grey dust like layer in tank?

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I have a 65G reef tank. I had a big nitrate spike about a week and half ago where they were off the chart. Flow was bad in my tank and green algae was forming. Since I have fixed the water flow, done 3 water changes between 10-20 gallons each. The nitrates have come down some but are still present, I have fed less to the fish and the green algae is going away except now I'm getting a lot of grey dust looking build up. This seems to be a lot more on the live rock and almost seems like it is turning from dust into hair.

My question is what is this dust/hair stuff?

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Have you checked your phosphates?

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I have 2 carbon filter bags and a phosphate remover bag also. It is detritus most likely but it looks likeit is growing into hair. I'm somewhat new to reeding so trying to get educated. There is also a green algae film growing on the glass each day. Every day I wipe it and the next dat it's back. Is this normal?
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Yeah everyday I have to scrub my glass. I don't have a lot but, still have to scrub it.. How long has your tank been up? Before your problem how often would you change your water? When the last time you changed your carbon? power head? lastly, phosphate remover is a temporary fix IF your phosphates are high you have to find WHY they are and fix that. I used phosphate remover once but it only lasted about a day then my phosphates were high again( because what ever is causing the phosphates to raise is still happening). and I'm pretty sure you have to remove it after a day or two.. and the "hair stuff" comes out when you Russel up the tank because its feeding on whats going around.

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Tank has been up for 4 months. I would only do water changes when I got my water tested. Since I have been given advice that stating on a schedule is key to success and since I have been doing weekly 10-15 gallons. Last few weeks I have been larger water changes every 3-4 days to bring nitrates down and everything is looking way nicer except the "dust" all over. I should probably remove phosphate remover since now I amdoing constant water changes.
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key to success is not to cut corners; you really need the proper equipment to have a successful SW tank. The thing is you want to spend your money on fish and other "stuff" to make the inside of the tank look great, but you'll find out not having the right filtration/ power heads/ testing kits list goes on.. you will just cost your self a whole bunch of money and it will be for nothing. Everything is fine for awhile but the day will come and it won't be a happy one.To your question.. yes I would remove it. What's your live stock?

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Well I do have good equipment. I have a well made wet/dry, protien skimmer, powerhead, upgraded T5 lighting, heater, carbon filter, only use RO water, have about 130-140lbs of live rock ect. I tried not to leave any essential equipment or filtration out as I knew this would be key pieces to a sustainable environment.

I only have a small black clown, and 2 orange spot goby's. Also have a cleaner, blood and peppermint shrimp. About 10 snails 10 hermit crabs, 2 huge snails, arrow crab, 2 emerald crabs and sand sifting star fish. I have several pieces of coral, mostly zoos and grass.

I will remove phosphate bag and see if it helps. I'm also only dealing with one or 2 LFS now. Less sources of advice on my water is better. Too much info is not always a good thing I have noticed.
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yeah okay.. I would just get a turkey baster then push the sand around and what's on the rock then Scythian it out.. good luck

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i am having the same issue in my tank did you ever figure out what the grey matter was? its bothering my clove polyps...

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are u guys running bio-balls....filter socks??? Wat?

Wats ur turnover rate for u filters u thinks? Wat about flow and how many powerheads?



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