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BRINE SHRIMP ARE DYING HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have been experimenting with raising brine shrimp. The hatching part is really quite simple and although a part of growing them to at least 1cm is very hard


i have seen my uncle raising brine shrimp in common iodized salt he raises the brine shrimp up to 2 cm and they are laying eggs 

he raises it in a bottle of 1.5 liters 
but i cant raise them 
i provided them sufficient aeration and 3 and half teaspoon of iodized salt  and provided algae and yeast but nothing worked 
they are dying after 2 to 5 days 
and how much spoon of salt should i add in 1.5l bottle 
and what should i feed it
temperature in my area always changes in night it goes to 26c and in noon it raises to 30 to 35c  
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plsss help because i love raising them 

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Are you overfeeding them?  Are you doing water changes?  I'd recommend using uniodized salt and adding a small amout of epsome salt for a magnesium and sulphur supplement.  Keep the salinity on the high end as well.  50ppt is a good target.  That's about 1/4 cup of salt.



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i don't think i am over feeding i feed them algae in morning and yeast in the evening  

in CMFRI  there do marine research and  in there they cultivate it in iodized table salt 

in my area these uniodized salt and epsome salt , magnesium and sulphur supplements are not available 

and how much salt should i add to 2l bottle of water get a 50 ppt

and i do water changes every 2 days 

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Epsome salt supplements magnesium and sulphur.  I guess I didn't make that clear.  1 tsp is plenty.  I don't know what CMFRI is, sounds like you should be asking them.  I've always just put eggs in a batch of old tank water and sat it outside in the sun.  Seems to work all summer.


The water change depends.  Are you using live algae cultures or dead algae?  If it's dead algae you shoud do a water change after they hatch and then whenever ammonia climbs above 0.5ppm.


1/4 cup + a few tablespoonfulls will get you close to 50ppt salinity. 

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CMFRI ( Cochin marine fishes  research .....)  it is were my uncle works they catch marine fishes and do research on them once they were doing research on brine shrimp and that day when i went there my uncle gave me a full packet of brine shrimp eggs , a bottle of algae and provided me the instruction on raising them he told me to put 2.5 teaspoon of cooking salt per liter of water  

if you want some pics of my raising and hatching bottle  i can provide it 

i grow algae in my 20 gallon aquarium wit 6 Oranda goldfish in it 


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in my area here inside my room only i raise brine shrimp an temprature is around 32 in the noon and if i keep them direct to sun they will all die due to heat 

and now my uncle gave me a bottle with 100's of brine shrimp of 6 day old brine shrimp which he raised on common table iodized salt . they are about 0.4 cm in length  


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i use live algae and i think after i put them in brine shrimp tank they die

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Photo1593.jpg Photo1602.jpgPhoto1607.jpgPhoto1608.jpgPhoto1601.jpg this is how i grow algae at first it growed in my 20 gallon aquariume because of over feeding the goldies and i took advatage of it by feeding it to brine shrimp there are 6 oranda gldfish in aquarium and then i transfered them 2 bottles and it is kept in sun light but when i feed these to brine shrimp i think they are not eating and are dying on the 3rd day and the temprature in algae bottle is 45 c in noon will they die 

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Photo1597.jpgPhoto1598.jpg thes is 6 day old brine shrimp which my uncle gave me when i complained to him that i was not able to raise them he gave me a full bottle of it they have survived 2nd day and yesterday i moved 15 -20 of them in to another bottle Photo1596.jpg they have have survived the 1st day with iodized salt pls tell me wat can i feed them will the algae work or will i ve to go for bigger foods

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Photo1595.jpgthese are newly hatched brine shrimps in the first bottle 

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