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Robert Fenner!

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So just wanted to post right after I found out that Robert Fenner will be speaking at my reef clubs spring meeting!

Can I just say I am SOOOO excited.. talk about responsible aquarist, lol


Info If someone wants any...


April 29 1-5pm (tentatively)

no specific site yet but in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area!

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Have fun! 

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woah~ I have been reading alot of is stuff at wwm and it's really good. Envy you and have fun!

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Hmmm.....I may have to venture down there. It's just a couple of hours away.

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Hey Gemmy its through my local reef club
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so how was it?

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Its not till april ...and ill probably video it on my phone and post it!
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ahhhh for some reason I thought it passed. D'OH!

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you could still drive up :)

its only and 18 hour drive from orlando....

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actually it's 21 hours. From miami lol.

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I'm making the hour and a half drive this Sunday to go see him at my reef club meeting!!!! (I'm SOOOO excited) Im gonna have him sign my invert book and marine book! 


Im going to try and video this (If I can get a good enough spot in the front... theres going to be over 200 people there we think) and Ill edit it and put it up on here if possible :)


Did I mention how EXCITED I AM???

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i'll look forward to your report.

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