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Will LR and Ls from ocean be harmful?

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I am a newcomer with an eclipse 30 gallon. My cycle started yesterday and i am looking into getting some LR and LS. I live on the ocean and was wondering if coral/rock and sand from the ocean would be harmful for a new tank. I have 3 damsels but i am gona take them back tommarrow. what about live animals from the sea? I have a salt tester but what other testers do i need, amonia? nitrate?
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Beyond the legal issues of harvesting from the ocean without a permit, it is often not recommended due to the unknown levels of toxins that could be present in the sand/rock, depending on where it is harvested from. Pollution in the wild takes a while to affect the wildlife, but in an enclosed system such as the aquarium, it can be devastating. My opinion would be no. Also, I would suggest at least a Master test kit, which includes pH, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. If you are going to be putting in any additives, such as calcuim, you should test for those individually, also. HTH
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Is Lr necessary if i stick to only fish? what about plant life instead? and how would the lr from the ocean be devestating if the tank is brand new with no inhabitants?
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Shadow has given some good advice. Don't do it.

Sand (and I would assume Rock taken from the ocean) is more apt to be filled with oils and bilge, etc., from boats/ships, unless it is taken from way off shore.

Live Rock isn't that expensive if you shop around. I've seen it for as low as $2.99/lb at Jeff's. Live Sand is even less. It's worth the money to have a healthy tank, and to stay out of jail. Yes, it is not a slap on the wrist for taking corals and rocks from the ocean like that.

Live Rock is not necessary for FO, if you have enough filtration. But it will only help.
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LR is not necessary but it greatly helps your biological filtration (along with the LS) The bacteria that live in the LS and LR is what is working for you, I don't belive they reside in plants. LR from the ocean could be devistating once you put inhabitants in the tank. The LR could/would contain pollutants unless is was gathered very, very far off shore.
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If you have the email or adress to jeffs i would apreciate it otherwise i will continue to look around, the cheapest i have found is 4.99.
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