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fish with legs

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Can anyone indentify this fish? It has six legs and walks around like a spider. It spreads its fins/wings when scared and glides to a new location. It has spikes on its head and a mouth like a duck. Otherwise, a nice fish.

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Is it a clumpofmud fish?
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okay, the picture sucks. should i try to get a better one?
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new picture

this is as good as it gets in the picture department.
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Hmmm....I am not sure. I was thinking some type of mudskipper but, I can't say what that thing is. It looks like a cross between and duck-billed platypuss and a mudskipper. I deam the creature...........Platyskip.
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Looks like some sort of Dragonette.The legs have me baffled though. If there was a better pic maybe we can pinpoint it.
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I was castnetting for gorgonians, puffers and starfish near tybee island and ended up with this weirdo. I have a tank just for local caught stuff and he fit the bill.
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new improved pictures

you asked for it. you got it. you can really see his legs in this one. he walks around more than swims.
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the closet thing i could find was an oriental helmunt gurnard but the noses look different.

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We catch a similar fish up here in the cold Atlantic waters called sea Robins. Nickname-747's. It looks alot like them. I don't know if they are down there though. I've caught them as far north as Maine.
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YIKES, looks like the product of a nuclear waste site :eek:
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we have a winner!!!!!

give the man a prize. I found a link that describes the fish and how their front three pectoral fins seperate for walking.
to learn more.....
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We get them down here in the Gulf of Mexico a lot, especially around S. Padre Island...
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Isn't that also called a Dogfish?
We have them here also and if so be careful of it. They are poisonous and sting you from the barbs on his head and back.
Sure looks like one to me, ugly creatures that get rather large. I've seen them up to 2 feet, caught in a shrimp net.
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