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Gold-spotted eel?

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Does anyone know anything about the goldspotted or yellow spotted eel? My lfs has one and he is pretty nice looking. Can they hold their own against a niger trigger? How hardy are they and all that stuff?
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He is definitely hardy enough to hold his own in a tank with a trigger. A friend of mine had one with a picasso and a niger and a undalate. Anyways, whenever it was feeding time and the goldenhead (spotted, whatever you want to call it) would get food snatched away from him by a trigger, he would come from underneath them and put his mouth on there bellies but not clamp down. It was more of a stay away type thing just to let them know he was the "big dog" on campus. He was about 2ft long though and the triggers about an avg of 5-6". If were talking about the same eel then you can look at his mouth structure(and TEETH)and tell he is a predator. The one I'm talking about has a yellowish head but a greyish type duller looking body in comparison to the head. HTH and I'd think as long as your triggers aren't large enough to see him as a quick snack (and the eel a baby) than it should work out. Let's just say I've seen it done. Take Care.

The trick is the same as with any tank containing triggers: Get the food past them and to your eel in time so they don't snatch it. These eels are usually pretty assertive eaters and will come out with the triggs to eat.

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The one i'm talking about is grey with yellow spots all down his body. Is this the same eel you are talking about?
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Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's the same. Isn't his head a little more colorful then the rest of him though? Plus, with the one I'm talking about the yellow spots going down his dorsal area were not as bright as the head area. Although they may all differ (as with every other eel).
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