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blackedge eels...venomous?!

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I have never herad of such a thing...but the two blackedge eels I saw today at an overpriced Milwaukee fish store labeled them as venomous. Anyone ever heard of this? Mine got hold of my hand once , and I never noticed anything, except that my eel bites hard!

BTW, they had them priced at $70! My LFS here in Madison sells them for $22:)
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Venomous or poisonous? The mucous coat over their body could contain certain toxins, but I'm not sure. There is no way they are venomous, as that implies they are able to inject venoum from specialized glands in the mouth. Their mouth is full of nasty bacteria though. Bo
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The label said venomous! My reference on blackedge eels doesn't mention venom or poison--or bacterial slime.

I think the store was trying to add a "selling point" to the eel. I mean, how else would htey justify the $70 price tag?
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If I remember my reading right there are 2 or 3 either poisonous or venous morays. I havent a clue what they are but I know they are not a normal eel for the trade.
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Isn't the most poisonous creature a eel or sea snake?
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Isn't the most poisonous creature a eel or sea snake
Funny you mention sea snake. The store also had a "sea snake", but in actuality, it was a sand eel.

I have now done about a dozen different searches on venomous blackedge or ocellated moray eels, and have come up with nothing.

I certainly didn't notice anything but the brief pain when mine bit me while I was attempting to hand feed him a few months ago.
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I can not think of any moray that is venomous. I did a search and didn't find any referance to one either. Maybe your should ask them why they consider them "venomous". I guess some could have gotten a nasty infection from a bite and they figured it had to be a poison that caused it.

As for sea snakes , thank god they are not avalible as pets. Those guys just pack to much punch. Though as a herper, It would be kind of cool to have a monster tank with one in it. Heck while I am dreaming why not add a logger head or a green sea turtle. ;) But sea snakes do not do well in captivity, as pretty as they are and as interesting they need to stay in the wild. :)
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I said in my post, blackedge eels are not venomous. There could be some toxins in their mucous coat though. Their mouth's are also full of nasty bacteria that can cause infection, which could lead one to think they are venomous. Bo
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found it

I went digging through a couple books and found it. There are three mildly venomous moray eels. They are appearently very rare though, and I can only find the exact name of one. The Whitemargin Moray eel. Gymnothorax albimarginatus. I can only find the name and a pic, what little info that is there says
"Three species of moray are known to have a mildly venomous bite. One of these is the whitemargin moray, a rare species that is unlikely to be encountered in the trade."--Scott Michaels. and thats about it heheh.
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I deal with Dallas North Aquarium and there not that bad. I got most of my stuff for under a $100 except for my sharks. I have never seen any more than that except for the really large ones. But I am with ya'll on the poisen stuff, I have never really heard of any, I think that is just a bunch of hype. I guess I would probly fall for it though if I didn't know any better. I guess if they told me it would electrocute my I would buy it in a heart beat. Why do we do that?
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telling ya

Scott Michaels isnt some chump who decided to write a book. If he says that there are three species that are venomous then he definately has the credentials and experience to back that claim up. Note the important part of this passage are these guys are very rare and dont show up much at all.
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u said that u got urs for 22$ god where is that lfs.
They sell BLACKEDGE EELS for $99?!

You are getting reemed in Dallas!

These eels are a dime a dozen...super common, at least here. I've NEVER seen one in Madison over $25.

You need to take a FISH TRIP to the midwest my friend!
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