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Proximity Cards – Powered by RF

Created on 2018-09-24 by stafford

About Proximity Card Prox cards or Proximity cards are type of smart cards that work on the principle of “contactless technology”. Unlike ATM, debit or credit cards, which requires a reader device to read the magnetic strip, proximity cards are designed in a different way. Proximity cards does not have a magnetic strip and thus these cards are not required to be swapped in the reader device. Proximity cards make use of access control mechanism generally the physical access mechanism in the organizations to regulate employee entrance and exit in the office building. Employees in order to trespass the organization gate… Read more »

Kantech Proximity Cards – Passive Proximity Card

Created on 2018-09-01 by stafford

What is Kantech Proximity Cards? As proximity key fobs, proximity key tags and proximity cards, Kantech Proximity Cards make use of proximity technology i.e. for unlocking or accessing an electronic lock they require low-frequency radio signals (RFID) transmitted by a proximity reader. How do Kantech Proximity Cards operate? Kantech proximity card functions in the same principle as another proximity card. It makes use of proximity technology wherein the proximity reader transmits low-frequency radio signals which are identified by the antenna placed in the proximity card and the energy generated by the antenna is moved to the microprocessor embedded in a… Read more »

Proximity Key Fobs – Smart Keys for Cars

Created on 2018-08-13 by stafford

What are Proximity Key Fobs? Proximity Key Fobs are also known as simply key fobs or remotes key fobs are small pocket size devices that are convenient in use. It comprises of either contactless technology used for smart cards or proximity card technology in such a structure in which it also provides access to an iButton credential. Generally proximity key fobs are used in cars since 1990s to lock and unlock the doors automatically and ignite the car without the requirement of a key. Proximity key fobs are exclusively programmed and are designed to assimilate with the personal security systems.… Read more »

Proximity Reader – Control an electronic lock

Created on 2018-08-05 by stafford

About Proximity Reader Proximity Reader is a device that makes use of access control system to keep a check on an electronic lock. The proximity reader produces and transmits radio signals like RFID devices with a low frequency that is recognized by a proximity card, which in turn generate access code which is transferred to the central system to check and control the access mechanism. How does it operate? Proximity reader is used for granting or restricting both physical and logical access control by the means of proximity cards. Low frequency radio signals are emitted by the proximity reader that… Read more »

Banded cat shark

Created on 2017-07-31 by Asianreefkeeper

Alright so straight up. I need to move a banded cat shark into my 220. While a 380 cycles for that shark. (I’m cycling it for 2 months because of the waste sharks produce) The problem is that there are small fish, crabs, and snails in that tank. I’m planning on getting it at 4-6 inches. At a size that small should I be worried of keeping it in there for a month? Thanks! Read more »

Duncan coral not open

Created on 2016-12-17 by Mike2112

 Two weeks since my Duncan coral has open emerald crab stays on it poking at it one coral does attempt to open tentacles stay short and Bubbley help me please LOL  Read more »

Trigger rubbing on rock and etc

Created on 2016-12-07 by Noah11vandever

My Picasso trigger is rubbing his body on things like my live rock, live sand, and even my filter. It’s really strange and I really would like to know if this is normal or not! Thanks! Read more »

Clown fish

Created on 2016-07-05 by Scotty75

Hi i have a small black and white oselaris and slightly larger orange and white one.they seem to be playing and rubbing against each other but the orange one seems to stay at the bottom of the tank more in one corner the black one is going over to to the orange one rubbing against it .the orange one just hovers and dosent swim much and kind of paddles vertical and sits on the sand a bit.the black one is eating but the orange not so much.they have both been in the tank for about 5 days.water levels are good.what… Read more »

Dangerously High Nitrate

Created on 2016-05-09 by Dangerously High Nitrate

Hello : I have a 125 GALLON reef tank with one actual piece of live rock and the rest is caribe life rock and live sand and a U.V. sterilizer. My nitrate is 160ppm. I’m doing weekly water changes by 20g. I have 150g skimmer 200 wd/filter. Just started using RO system. How can I reduce this a.s.a.p. Today I get an refugium light and plan to buy chaeto.  I’ve used Prime,Special Blend and Nite Out and my nitrate is RED like kool-aid. . Read more »

Sick seahorse help please

Created on 2016-03-08 by stevee123

hey guys I’m only new to sea horses and I have one in a tank with 3 other fish and he or she has started hanging onto the filter and when it’s feeding time it won’t let go and you literally have to pull here out of the filter and then it is rarely eating. It also has some white marks on its back. I need help ASAP!! Read more »