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Banded cat shark

Created on 2017-07-31 by Asianreefkeeper

Alright so straight up. I need to move a banded cat shark into my 220. While a 380 cycles for that shark. (I’m cycling it for 2 months because of the waste sharks produce) The problem is that there are small fish, crabs, and snails in that tank. I’m planning on getting it at 4-6 inches. At a size that small should I be worried of keeping it in there for a month? Thanks! Read more »

Duncan coral not open

Created on 2016-12-17 by Mike2112

 Two weeks since my Duncan coral has open emerald crab stays on it poking at it one coral does attempt to open tentacles stay short and Bubbley help me please LOL  Read more »

Trigger rubbing on rock and etc

Created on 2016-12-07 by Noah11vandever

My Picasso trigger is rubbing his body on things like my live rock, live sand, and even my filter. It’s really strange and I really would like to know if this is normal or not! Thanks! Read more »

Clown fish

Created on 2016-07-05 by Scotty75

Hi i have a small black and white oselaris and slightly larger orange and white one.they seem to be playing and rubbing against each other but the orange one seems to stay at the bottom of the tank more in one corner the black one is going over to to the orange one rubbing against it .the orange one just hovers and dosent swim much and kind of paddles vertical and sits on the sand a bit.the black one is eating but the orange not so much.they have both been in the tank for about 5 days.water levels are good.what… Read more »

Dangerously High Nitrate

Created on 2016-05-09 by Dangerously High Nitrate

Hello : I have a 125 GALLON reef tank with one actual piece of live rock and the rest is caribe life rock and live sand and a U.V. sterilizer. My nitrate is 160ppm. I’m doing weekly water changes by 20g. I have 150g skimmer 200 wd/filter. Just started using RO system. How can I reduce this a.s.a.p. Today I get an refugium light and plan to buy chaeto.  I’ve used Prime,Special Blend and Nite Out and my nitrate is RED like kool-aid. . Read more »

Sick seahorse help please

Created on 2016-03-08 by stevee123

hey guys I’m only new to sea horses and I have one in a tank with 3 other fish and he or she has started hanging onto the filter and when it’s feeding time it won’t let go and you literally have to pull here out of the filter and then it is rarely eating. It also has some white marks on its back. I need help ASAP!! Read more »

White sponge/mold/fungus looking stuff all over my rocks... HELP!

Created on 2016-02-10 by azpb

What the heck is this crap in my tank?! The white stuff looks like mold and it’s slimy. It doesn’t blow off like debris and I’ve gotten a ton of advice saying to take it out and scrub/boil it BUT i have a ton of pulsing xenias attached to the rock (a piece of which it looks like the mold/sponge crap killed it and you can see it in the pictures     /:) and I don’t want to kill them. I tried to do my homework and figure out what this is from previous posts but I haven’t gotten… Read more »

need help with stocking list

Created on 2015-12-07 by levi buchanan

hi, i have a 36 gallon bowfront saltwater aquarium. i would soon like to have a community tank. what are some good fish that i can keep and that are the hardiest. my idea of this community tank would be 2 ocellaris clownfish babies, purple dottyback,yellow watchman goby, firefish, and peppermint shrimp. will all these fish get alone when i add them to my new saltwater aquarium and are they verry hardy or are they harder to keep?( no damsels please) Read more »

Ny diamond watchman goby stays on thr surface...

Created on 2015-11-23 by Xiomy

hi, so i have a 55 gallon tank with 2 clownfish, 1 sailfin tang, 1 cardinal fish, and 1 blue head wrasse and the diamond watchman goby.  We recently cleaned the tank, and ever since i didn’t saw the goby, today i was searching through the sand to look for him and he was under a clam on the sand, he swam out and went to the Surface of the tank and started to try jumping out of the water, the blue headed Wrasse started to follow him and always follows the goby and he tries to escape but still… Read more »


Created on 2015-10-12 by mstar929

My blue tang was acting funny… Appeared to be dying… I turned off the lights to give him a little peace, an hour later I check on him and he is gone!!!! I have looked everywhere and can’t find him!!! What could have happened to him???? Read more »