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This coral can be ball or dome shaped in captivity. Shapes that include spires, plates, encrustations, and branches are sometimes found in nature. Galaxea fascicularis can be green, grey, pink or brown, but always with contrasting colored tips. This coral has clear to translucent sweeper tentacles, most often with white tips. The tentacles will be out during the day.This is an aggressive coral which will easily damage its neighbors with its stinging sweeper tentacles. The sweeper tentacles are long and deliver a strong sting. Care must be taken in regards to its placement in the tank and the water flow around it as the sweeper tentacles will stretch in strong currents. This coral may cause great harm in a small or crowded tank.Use extreme when handling this coral, the skeleton is extremely fragile and the corallites may break off and cause tissue necrosis.Filter Feeding/Invert food should be offered as well as bits of shrimp and fish.Propagation has occurred in aquariums by fragmentation. Spawning has also been known to occur

Galaxea Coral Frags - mini

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