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  • good for nano tanks

    Posted by saif52

  • easy setup, great price
  • low skim output
  • i got this skimmer for my 25 gallon tank and it arrived broken, i notified the supplier and they sent a nw one with me being allowwed to keep the broken one. i figured out how to super glue the piece back on so now i have to working skimmers. they do a great job in the small tanks they are in. i would recommend them for any tank up to 40 gallons
  • Great First Power Skimmer

    Posted by purfectriot

  • Cheap works with a couple simple mods
  • needs a better Air valve
  • I bought my wife a 44 gallon tank for Chirstmas in 2009 and then at first set it up with a air operated Skimmer Huge Mistake.  I then bought a Seaclone for it in March of last year for her tank when she made the switch over from seahorses to Dwarf Lions.  I have had one of these in the past and knew that the Air control valve is useless and replaced it with a screw style gang valve that you can get at any fish store.  Still using the same Skimmer today with that one mod. 
  • not a bad sub

    Posted by kriki26

  • I bought this because my broke and this was the only one they had so got it and used for a month until I can get a better one....          the cup is kindive small and it was not pure waste in the cup. this is no match for my octupus thought but the seaclone doesnt cost 500 dallors. for a budet tank or just a replacement for not an extended period of time a good buy.
  • plz no

    Posted by carrie123

  • I can't say anything good.
  • doesnt skim!
  • Enough said.. Doesn't skim
  • Hmmmm...not sure what to think!

    Posted by brooksraahau820

  • Easy to set up; fits OVER tank; picks up debris
  • Doesn't Skim
  • I'm not sure what to think: some reviewers (on other sites) say this skimmer is remarkable and starting skimming/foaming right out of the box. Others say one has to wait anywhere from 3day - 1 or 2 weeks. Others say it doesn't work at all. This doesn't make sense to me! I'd hate go 2 weeks and find out I have a piece of junk and then perhaps not be able to get my money back from PETCO (which, incidentally-would not honor their online price of $91.00). WE open the valve slightly and now have micro bubbles pushing debris AWAY from the foam cartridge. But....Ammonia, pH, niTRITES are back to normal. niTRATES are still very high. Not sure what to do at this point! ~Maxxnme
  • Can find a better option for slightly more money.

    Posted by groverkrogsg13

  • Inexpensive, works well in spurts
  • tough to clean. need constant tweaking
  • I don't want to say it doesn't work. But it needs a lot of maintenance, I found it tough to keep clean. For another 60.00 you can get a Bak-Pak that works real well.

Facts & Details

Far superior to air-driven protein skimmers, the SeaClone Protein Skimmer harnesses the powerful forces of nature to efficiently remove dissolved organics and waste from your marine aquarium.SeaClone's exclusive Turbo-Venturi® Injector System mixes filtered water and air in the pump impeller chamber, creating a froth of micro-bubbles for maximum skimming efficiency and improved gas exchange. Air and water swirl together in the Vortex Reaction Chamber, creating a powerful "cyclone" effect that rapidly draws dissolved wastes from aquarium water.The spiraling air/water mixture propels protein-laden bubbles upward, where they burst to form a frothy solution. This solution of dissolved organic compounds is trapped and contained in the high-capacity Collection Chamber where it is kept separate from clean water until it can be removed.

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