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  • Acanthastrea Lordhowensis

    Posted by sturnmeyer

  • Fast Grower, Hardy, Many colors, Not Aggressive, low light requirements
  • Some have a high price tag.
  • Acanthastrea Lordhowensis comes in literally a rainbow of colors. The color of the coral may change depending on the lighting it's in.   It has a very fast growth rate and has been known to grow a new head almost weekly while being fed meaty foods (mysis, brine, etc).   They're very easy to frag (dremel, chisel, razor, etc) and can almost mutilated during the fragging process and still make a full recovery to both mother colony and frag.   It has very short tentacles and doesn't seem to be an aggressive coral; in fact, they often seem to be the "loser" when it comes to a coral-conflict.   They tend to enjoy lower flow and lighting, but they can be slowly acclimated to a large variety of conditions.   They have been known to be a little "pricey" for some of the more interesting colors. The high price tag may be worth it because the coral is able to grow and multiply quickly.
  • WYSIWYG Acan frag, awsome fast grower

    Posted by detoxrelease

  • Colorful, fast grower, hardy
  • none at all
  • So i went for it and bought a frag of acans from the WYSIWYG section of SWF. When I got it i was amazed at the colors it had. If you want it to grow fast, feed it mysis. My frag started with 5 heads and in three months it now have 12 heads!!! Wow is all i can say about SWF Acan frags. Definetly a good deal.

Facts & Details

In marine saltwater aquariums, Acanthastrea Lordhowensis are tolerant of diverse conditions and can thrive in strong or subdued lighting and water flow situations. In fact, their coloration variation can be controlled by lighting and water flow. They are very competitive in their ability to extrude mesenterial filaments. Great care should be taken when placing the Acanthastrea Lordhowensis near other sessile organisms.