Achilles Tang Reviews

Facts & Details

One of the most striking fish there is -- the Achilles Tang -- is a fairly rare fish from Hawaii. They have a very dark body with a beautiful red-orange teardrop marking at the base of their tailfin, which has an orange middle. They will often show a white area below their gill plate and have a white edged gill cover. They are so beautiful they seem almost as if they have been painted. These fish are very delicate and should not be housed with abusive fish. The Achilles is usually found as a solitary individual in the wild which leads them to be collected in smaller numbers. They will do very well in the proper environment. They are voracious algae eaters.The Surgeonfish family consists of fish which are colorful, thin-bodied, and usually have an oval shape. These fish have long continuous dorsal and anal fins and crescent tailfins. The scalpel at the base of their tailfin is very sharp and is used by the fish for protection from predators as well as a way of establishing itself with other fish. These fish are usually seen at reefs eating algae all day long.