AE Tech ETSS Reef Devil Protein Skimmer Reviews

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The Reef Devil  skimmer is our most popular model. An in-stand skimmer that can clean even heavily stocked reef aquariumswith its powerful downdraft skimming action.Designed and tested by professional aquarists for superior performance with long term reliable service. No special (expensive) water pumps needed with this skimmer.Any pump rated @700-1000 GPH will workThe Reef Devil design has evolved over the years into today's finest small skimmer. We've also made it much easier to fit into your sump with a universal outlet assembly. Includes a 1" articulated gate valve with a bubble trapping foam sleeve and pvc fittings.Designed for use in either inside or external sump installation.Features    *ETSS  Downdraft™ technology skimmer *           *Easy Clean Collection Cup           *Automatic Air Regulation           *Plumbing: Adjustable 10 turn 1" Outlet Gate Valve & Fittings           *In Sump or External installation possible           *Removable Water Injection System for easy cleaning           *Processing Power:      350 gallons per hour          Specifications          * Dimensions:        22" tall x 7" diameter base           * Pumps Recommended: Catalina 2200, Magdrive #7, Iwaki 20 RLT, Blue Line 20HD. Not Included           * Flow Rating:      300-400 Gallons per Hour processing           * Tank sizes:      up to 175 gallons

AE Tech ETSS Reef Devil Protein Skimmer

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