AE Tech Protean 400 Deluxe Refugium AIO System Reviews

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Protean 400 All-in-One (AIO) Deluxe Refugium Filtration System. Self Contained Refugium Filter System. Powerful enough for commercial use. Easy to setup and use. Complete filter system.              * Dimensions:      28"Lx10.5"Wx16"Hx1/4"      Height top of skimmer 25"           * Capacity:      Sump 22 gallons        * Water height approximately 7"           * Skimmer:      Powerful up to 1000 GPH pump. Downdraft II Technology      Sump Buddy 40 Deluxe skimmer build-in.           * Skimmer pump:      Catalina CA 2200, Magdrive #7, 9.5 or similar pumps recommended, Not Included.           * Mechanical Filter:      1- 200 micron filter bag           * Features:      Constant water level skimmer compartment & bubble trapping dividers           * Now with Four Black Dividers For superior Refugium current           * Probe & Heater holders           * Deluxe Heavy Duty drainable Acrylic Cup           * Tank Sizes*:      up to 150 gallons      *Note: Tank sizes are based on a sumps drain down capacity. Usually up to 10% of a tanks capacity can drain down to the sump when electric power is off.

AE Tech Protean 400 Deluxe Refugium AIO System

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