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2000280M_aquaclear_vibrator_pump.JPGPopup Larger Image Hagen Aqua Clear Air PumpsManufacturer: HagenHagen Aqua Clear Air Pumps use extremely advanced technology to provide powerful air output with virtually silent operation via the patented silencing system.For many years, the Aqua Clear Air Pump line has been the air pump of choice for aquarium hobbyists due to their ability to provide years of trouble-free operation and for their consistent reliability.They are perfect for creating decorative highlights or for air operated items such as; air stones, air-actuated ornaments, air driven protein skimmers or to add oxygen and movement to any aquarium.Model ChoicesThe 5 gallon unit will operate one device. The 10 & 20 model will operate up to 2 devices. Model 30 & 50 have dual outputs and can operate up to 4 devices. NOTE: Choose the model closest or just above your actual gallon size (ie. best choice for a 40 gallon aquarium would be the 50 gallon pump or a 65 gallon aquarium could run with two 30 gallon models if so desired).

Aqua Clear Air Pump 5

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