Arc Eye Hawkfish Reviews

Facts & Details

As an adult this fish is a tan to reddish-tan color, with a vertical white band on its side from mid-body to the tail. There is an interesting U-shaped patch behind the eye bordered by three colors, which is why it has the name "Arc-Eye" Hawk. It also gets its name from the hunting trait that it uses similar to that of a hawk. This fish will grow to about 5 inches.Provide rockwork for this hawkfish to perch on. This hawkfish will also perch on coral heads, and may cause slight damage to the coral from resting on it.In its natural habitat this fish eats small shrimp and crabs, but also may eat small fish. Don't be fooled by the small size of this fish, its mouth opens wider than you think! Keep with fish of similar size or larger.Offer enriched mysis, frozen carnivore diet, finely chopped shrimp and clam.