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(A) Alert - This fish cannot be kept with other Angelfish. If you're attempting to purchase two or more Angelfish for the same aquarium it will cause them to fight and most likely one will not survive, so if you're placing an order that has 2 or more Angelfish in it we will have to place the order on hold until we're able to contact you to ensure you're not putting them into the same tank. If you understand they cannot be kept together, but would like to purchase two or more in the same order(separate tanks, group order, etc.) you will need to write in the Special Instructions area at the end of the shopping cart that you understand they cannot be kept together. Tremendous time and effort is put into ensuring the health of these fish and it is very important that you're fully aware two Angelfish should not be kept in the same tank.This striking angel will grow up to almost 14 inches long at adult maturity. This angel's black face shows off the almost irridescent blue around it. Long anal and dorsal fins show off the the graceful way this fish likes to swim throughout its environment.

Asfur Angelfish - Red Sea (A)

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