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The Atlantic Blue Tang is unusual in the way that the adult fish coloration differs greatly when compared to the juvenile fish. The name "Blue Tang" refers to the adult fish, as young specimens are bright yellow with only a trace of blue around the eye and bases of the fins. Adults contain yellow only in the caudal fin, while the body is a brilliant, opaque blue with a wavy horizontal purple pattern. Interestingly the color intensity varies depending on the mood of the fish. This fish can grow to just over 15 inches.This tang will spend a lot of time scraping the rocks for algae. It is recommended to provide macroalgae for this fish to maintain optimal health such as agar or gracilaria.Provide a good amount of swimming space. Juveniles may be fin nippers at times.The ideal temperature for this tang is in the seventies to low eighties F. pH need to be buffered and sustained between 8.0 and 8.4. Organic levels should be low to non-existent, with a maximum of 25 ppm nitrate and no ammonia or nitrite. Atlantic Blue Tangs like forceful water movements and aeration.

Atlantic Blue Tang

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