Bartlett Anthias Reviews

Facts & Details

The Barlett Anthias has a lavender colored body with yellow running along its back. In the wild they form large groups where they feed on floating plankton. These fish attain a maximum length of 3.5 inches.This fish needs plenty of swimming room in the upper area of the tank. Will adjust to captivity provided there are plenty of hiding places and no aggressive or competitive inhabitants in place. Males should not be kept with members of their own kind or other male pseudoanthias, except in large aquariums.The family of Anthias are closely related to Seabasses, which include Groupers. These fish begin life as females and will change sex based on the requirement of their "harem". Anthias gather in huge schools around reefs where they swim within the school waiting for food. These schools can be seen in the hundreds and are made up of small "harems" of a single dominant male, less dominant males, and many females.