Bicolor Cleaner Wrasse Reviews

Facts & Details

The Cleaner Wrasse is a Wrasse which serves as a cleaner for fish in the wild. These fish have markings that allow fish to know that they do not pose a threat, but have come to clean them of parasites. The Cleaner Wrasse is white and blue with a black horizontal stripe beginning at its mouth and gradually widening to its tail. These fish set up cleaning stations in the wild where fish will come to be cleaned. The Cleaner Wrasse will accept all fish foods. They may often lie on their sides and can be appear to be dying, but are actually in fine health. They can also spin a cotton-like substance to protect themselves while they rest, which can make them appear dead. These fish are great for tanks with larger fish that like to be cleaned. While these fish can be kept in groups they best kept singly.Note: This item may spin a harmless cottony substance in its shipping bag. This does not negatively affect the health of the item in any way. These items are known to "play dead", so don't be misled by this behavior.

Bicolor Cleaner Wrasse

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