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The color of the Bicolor Parrotfish changes with maturity. As a juvenile, the coloration is white with an orange band across the face, and orange at the dorsal and caudal fins. The mature fish has a blue body with a spotted face and additional colors at the fins. The name, "Parrotfish" comes from the shape of the mouth. The teeth are fused together to form a "beak" that resembles a parrot's.Bicolor parrotfish sleep in slimy bubbles. Before going to sleep in a reef hole, this parrotfish spins a cocoon around its body. The slimy bubble hides the fish’s scent. This protects the parrotfish from nighttime predators like moray eels, which hunt by their sense of smell. This fish will bite chunks out of rock for the algae growing on it, the stomach takes the nutrients and a fine sand is produced as waste, therefore, a large parrotfish like the bicolor parrotfish can produce up to 2,200 pounds (1 metric ton) of sand per year.This fish will grow up to 30 inches in length.

Bicolor Parrotfish

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