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Regularly: $199.99 Male Nasos have streamers. They are large spectacular specimens with long streamers. They are very colorful and healthy.The Blonde Naso Tang, a.k.a. Lipstick Tang, is a beautiful, colorful, peaceful, and "easy to take care for" Tang. These fish have a gray body with a yellow dorsal fin. The face of the Naso is marked with black between the eyes, yellow above the eyes, and orange around the mouth, which gives the appearance of lipstick. The Naso Tang is certainly one of the most popular tangs, due to its hardiness and easy personality. These fish are peaceful towards other species and are voracious eaters. They love to be fed and enjoy lots of swimming room. These fish will often exhibit white spots along their body when the lights in your aquarium first come on. It is nothing to be alarmed about.The Surgeonfish family consists of fish which are colorful, thin-bodied, and usually have an oval shape. These fish have long continuous dorsal and anal fins and crescent tailfins. The scalpel at the base of their tailfin is very sharp and is used by the fish for protection from predators as well as a way of establishing itself with other fish. These fish are usually seen at reefs eating algae all day long.

Blonde Naso Tang - Male - Large - With Streamers

Blonde Naso Tang - Male - Large - With Streamers deals