Blue Line Grouper Reviews

Facts & Details

The blue line grouper, also referred to as the bluelined hind and Boenacki grouper, is a bass from the Indo-West Pacific that can prove an outstanding aquarium fish in a suitably large fish-only system. Like most members of the genus, these can be stunning fish with great personalities, although they are quite aggressive and should be expected to consume any fish smaller than it s mouth. While fish make up the primary part of the blue line grouper’s wild diet, crustaceans are also natural prey, as they will also be in the aquarium. This species prefers a low-light environment with at least one or two sturdy caves in which it can take refuge. Plan to feed the blue line grouper meaty marine flesh such as raw table shrimp or frozen foods formulated for carnivores. The blue line grouper is an attractive, hardy fish that, in a suitable fish-only (FOWLR) system, will be an excellent addition.