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This fish will grow to just over 5 inches in length.Keep these fish with less aggressive fish in a community tank. This fish may harass other fairy wrasses.Often found in a group of 1 male with 3 females in the wild. A large tank is required for this in captivity.Meaty foods. Should be offered high quality frozen choices. Will also take high quality pellet foods.The Wrasse family of fish is a large group of usually very colorful free swimmingfish. These fish are powerful swimmers using their pectoral fins to propel themthrough the water. Wrasses usually have powerful jaws that enable them to crushtheir food, which includes worms. These fish usually have long continuous dorsalfins and are found in groups in the wild. The Wrasses are one of the few fish thatwill bury themselves in the sand when sleeping or during flight. Wrasses are alsoable to change their sex during these phase changes.

Blueheaded Fairy Wrasse

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