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  • Chaeto the undistructable

    Posted by hassmursalzee

  • Super filter
  • not realy nice looking
  • Great at absorbing waste to some extent in your aquarium especialy in the refuge. My hermit crabs love to crawl over it, and my goby like to try and bury it under the sand. It easily reproduces and can take over if all peramiters (including food). I start with a ball the size of a 50 cent piece and now mine is about the size of a grape fruit and thats with me pulling off chuncks and giving them to friends. Very usefull stuff.
  • Chaeto

    Posted by anneharp44y

  • Hearty and semi-fast growing
  • Small bits may clog inlets
  • I have been pretty happy wit this in my fuge. Grows nice.   Nothing seems to eat it except for an urchin that has since been moved.

Facts & Details

Chaetomorpha algae is one of the best macro-algaes for use in the saltwater aquarium. This algae should be used in the refugium to reduce nitrates in the tank.It is easy to use, once it grows to a significant amount, it can be easily removed and disposed of or shared with other aquarist. Unlike Caulerpa species of macro-algae it will not undergo sexual reproduction and release the nitrates back into the system causing a sudden crash.Chaetomorpha also will not adhere to rocks making it easy to remove.