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  • Cleaner Clam-Tastic

    Posted by aakisha2324

  • I love they way they hide and they seem to filer alot for such a small thing. The breathers look so cute!
  • None really, they seem to live through almost anything.
  • These thigns are awesome, I piled  4 in the corner when i got them then i turned around and they disapeared, all i could see is there breathers gill thingys or what ever ther are called ! They seem to work 24/7 and it look like they can do alot of filtering, like a ton, any one know how many times 4 turn my 30gallon a day?

Facts & Details

Hard clam, farm raised in FloridaGreat for refugiums. These Clams help to lower Nitrates as they feed.Also, a great food source for larger fish.