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  • Copperband in Home Aquariums

    Posted by ecross1208

  • Eats Aptasia
  • Difficult to feed
  • The copperband butterfly is a remarkable looking fish, BUT...should never be added to a new tank or be acquired by an inexperienced hobbyist.  The copperband eats aptasia and small polyps, and is very difficult to train to eat frozen foods.   Therefore they generally starve in home aquariums.  If you were to acquire one, it would be in the fish's best interest for you to place it in a qt where you can train it to eat prepared foods.

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The Copperband Butterfly is one of the few Butterflies that is commonly distributed for the home aquarium. These exquisite fish are silvery-white in color with orange vertical bands, as well as a "false eye" at the rear of their dorsal. The Copperband has an elongated mouth which it uses to pick at coral heads, including nuisance Aiptasia. These fish will accept many fish foods, but require excellent water quality. The Copperband is very docile and gets along well with other community fish. These fish will also eat nuisance glass anemones (Aiptasia). It is best to only keep one per tank.The family of Butterflyfish get their name from their behavior of fluttering around the reef. These fish typically have rather round and thin bodies. They are very colorful and some have extended snouts which they use to reach worms entrenched in the reef.Photo by member, mx#28

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