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Ideal for Reef AquariumsCoralife CA+ Reactors is an easy-to-use calcium reactor that simplifies calcium supplementation for corals. Compact, high-grade acrylic construction features a pH probe inlet for easy, continual testing. Includes easy-twist reactor chamber cover, clear CO2 bubble counter, CO2 check valve, coarse filter pad, intake strainer, removable self-priming water pump, and all necessary tubing. Required parts for Automated Operation: Calcium Media, pH Controller, pH Probe/Sensor, CO2 Regulator with Solenoid Valve and CO2 Cylinder. Required parts for Manual Operation: Calcium Media, pH Monitor, pH Probe/Sensor, CO2 Regulator and CO2 Cylinder.* Easy-Twist CA+ Reactor Chamber Cover (3" dia.) with pH Probe/Sensor Inlet Fitting* Integrated Clear CO2 Bubble Counter and CO2 Check Valve* Reactor Intake Media Strainer* 3` Water Supply Input Tubing with Strainer* Water Supply Control Valve* Removable Self-Priming External Pump* Clear Water-Flow Indicator Chamber* 3` CA+ Reactor Output Tubing* Compact High-Grade Acrylic Construction* Calcium Media and CO2 System Required* Dimensions: 8" x 5.5" x 15"

Coralife CA+ Reactors - Calcium Reactor

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