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  • Almost Must Have .

    Posted by elviacannon

  • Detailed Pics and Info about Many Many corals .
  • expensive and should have more pages .
  • This is a great book for any reef tank owner who want to have some handy book for infos on corals . it has information about many corals ( LPS,SPS, Leather , ...) , information like diet , tank position , light needs , flow needs ....and many pictures regarding different type of corals and corals in different phases .   it would have been a MUST HAVE if it was cheaper and a bit bigger . still a great book to have around .

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Corals A Quick Reference Guide. By Julian Sprung is a comprehensive field guide for aquarists, divers and naturalists. Nearly 700 beautiful photos with descriptions, range, and the correct pronunciation of the scientific names. Helpful charts offer information about food, light, and water motion requirements, aggressiveness, hardiness and proper positioning in the aquarium. 240 pages, hardcover. The most practical and accurate reference in a single affordable volume. A comprehensive field guide for aquarists, divers and naturalists, with detailed full color photographs of hundreds of species, encompassing the majority of coral genera one is likely to encounter on reefs around the world, This book defines corals and distinguishes them form similar hydrozoans, zoanthids, and corallimorpharia. The corals are described and compared to similar looking species, and their range and the correct pronunciation of the Latin name is given. In addition, for aquarists who grow corals in reef aquariums, information is provided in quick reference charts concerning each coral's requirements for light, water movement, and food, hardiness in captivity, aggressiveness toward other corals, and proper positioning in the aquarium. About the Author Julian Sprung began studying marinelife more than 30 years ago in his native South Florida. He is a biologist, author, photographer, and aquarium design consultant. His research of coral reef ecosystems in nature and in specially designed reef aquariums has invovled travel to many countries. Julian writes about his work for various aquarium hobby publications, and his monthly column, Reef Notes in Freshwater and Marine Aquarium magazine has been compiled in a book series called Reef Notes Revisited and Revised. Julian also co-wrote with J. Charles Delbeek the books, The Reef Aquarium volumes one and two, considered the bibles on the subject. ISBN 10 1883693098 ISBN 13 978-1883693091

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