Cube Boxfish Reviews

Facts & Details

This cute boxfish is very personable and needs a little extra care to keep him healthy.Cube boxfish tend to be shy at first and may refuse to eat for the first several days. Provide caves and crevices where it can hide, lots of swimming room and peaceful tankmates.This fish may jump out of the aquarium.Boxfish can release a toxin that is fatal to all tank occupants including itself when it becomes stressed. If the fish is being stressed by tankmates remove the source of stress or the boxfish, the toxin is irreversible.Feed a varied diet of meaty foods, such as chopped shrimp, squid,clams, fish, mysid shrimp and enriched krill. Feed at least 3 times per day. Please do not feed floating foods to this fish. Ingesting air can cause buoyancy difficulties for him.The maximum length this fish will grow to is 17.7 inches