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  • Not really worth the time

    Posted by alanadams43

  • Strange looking
  • Can pick corals, can attack fish, constantly hides
  • I still have one of these, and honestly dont know why I do.  He is strange looking, but that is about all he has going for him.  He hides constantly, so dont expect to see him much.  They are notorious for picking corals and attaching them to their back or legs, and also can become aggressive towards smaller fish.  You also had to feed them individually and this can be difficult with the amount of time that they hide.  I will be giving him to the local fish store as soon as I can catch him!

Facts & Details

These wild looking creatures are crabs that use algae, sponge, substrate and even corals to camoflauge themselves in the wild.

Decorator Crab - Spider

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