Eheim JAGER Heater 17" 250 Watt Reviews

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Heater Length: 17"Jager took their already superior heater and made it better. Perfect for freshwater or saltwater use. Heavy duty 2mm thick shock resistant Pyrex glass construction are twice as thick as most other heaters and far stronger. The temperature is adjustable from 64°F and 94°F with an easy to adjust thermostat. Precision bistable thermostat with an impressive +/- 0.5° accuracy. Free from radio and TV interference. 6 foot double insulated power cord included.All Jager aquarium heaters come with a 1-year manufacturer`s warranty.Special Note: The heaters are Certified to CSA-C22.2 and approved to UL 1018.Tank SizePower Needed5–15 gallons50 watt15–30 gallons100 watt30–45 gallons150 watt40–75 gallons200 watt55–100 gallons300 watt80–150 gallons400 watt100–175 gallons500 watt

Eheim JAGER Heater 17

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