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  • Love my fighting conch!

    Posted by xobklynqt143

  • So much fun to watch, great cleaner
  • sometimes hides in the sand
  • Our fighting conch, Larry, is by far my most favorite critter to watch in our tank.  I can sit and stare forever watching this cool little guy.  He's great at cleaning with that long snout of his and I love seeing his little eyes.  Though we were told they tend to keep themselves buried ours is out most of the time and only buries into the sand occasionally. He's certainly not shy and is often right at the front of the glass.  It's like watching a little vacuum cleaner as that long mouth goes over the sand.  He is also great at helping to keep our tank clean.  Every once in a while he ever tries to climb the glass, but never seems to get very far.

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The Florida Fighting Conch makes a great addition to larger tanks. They eat brown diatoms (algae) that grow on live sand beds. Fighting Conchs will bury themselves in the sand bed and clean the upper layers. These Jumbo Conchs should not be placed in an aquarium less than 100 gallons.Conchs belong to a Class known as Gastropods, which make up the largest class of Mollusks. Conchs grow by increasing their swirling body while producing a protective shell. This shell protects their soft body from predators. They use a pad, or foot, that extends from their shell which allows them to drag their shell along. As they drag their shell often times their mouth and eyes can be seen coming out from the opening of the shell.

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