Filament Flasher Wrasse Reviews

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The name "flasher" wrasse is very suitable for this fish- not only for its appearance but also for its behavior.The males are "flashy" with bright coloration and longer fins and they "flash" their grandeur by emerging from the reef doing a lateral display and just as quickly dive back into their coral hiding place. A truly impressive display.These beautiful fish will grow to about 6 inches in length.Flasher wrasses are plankton feeders and are very easy to feed in the aquarium. They feed well on variety of foods including live or frozen brine shrimp, flake foods, fresh small clams and a variety of other meaty foods.Flashers can be kept with smaller angelfishes such as Centropyge, non-aggressive damsels, wrasses of different genera, cardinalfishes, seahorses and pipefishes, butterflyfishes, and other non-aggressive fish.These fish can and will jump from the aquarium.One male and several females may be kept together in large aquariums.

Filament Flasher Wrasse

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