Firefish Goby Reviews

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  • Cute little Fish

    Posted by firdahunt

  • Very active
  • Very finickey
  • This fish is a wonderful little fish that brings life to the tank. However this fish is very finickey and scared easily.
  • Very beautiful attractive fish

    Posted by nany3313

  • Peaceful, usually always visible, loves to show off, great for nano tanks
  • Will jump without covered tank, requires very peacful tankmates
  • The regular firefish goby, or red firefish is a great addition to any peaceful community aquarium or reef. They are not aggressive in almost any circumstance; however it is not wise to mix different species of firefish. For instance buying a couple of reds then buying a couple of purples. They love to swim in currents and pace the front of the tank unless a powerhead is directly pointed at them in which case they effortlessly glide through the water. They sleep in small cracks in the live rock and if startled they will dart to their refuge. They are avid jumpers as are all firefish so care should be taken to keep the top of the tank closed. They may be picked on by any slightly aggressive fish as they are very timid. The purple color around their eyes and the purple stripe down the front of their face is very evident in person if you purchase one and the contrast is really something to behold. Overall a terrific fish. I have a pair in one of my 125 reefs and personally I prefer them over the purple and helfrichi. The top dorsal fin just blows it away for me. You won't regret buying this fish if you can properly care for it as its easily one of the most attractive fish in the trade. Maybe not the most recognizable, but its definitely one of my favorites.
  • Great looking peaceful fish, but too timid

    Posted by Jesterrace

  • Brightly Colored, All variants of Firefish are cool looking
  • The Ultimate Sissy. Will run away from it's own shadow and go into hiding for long periods of time. Number one target for bullying from other fish
  • Technically my review is for the Purple Firefish, but since Firefish all have similar characteristics in personality and bright colors, I feel it's worth noting.  I am really torn on the Firefish.  On the one hand it is a beautiful fish and can fit in pretty much any size of saltwater tank (Good candidate for Nanos).  On the other hand it is scared of it's own shadow and the slightest provocation of any kind can cause the fish to hide in it's den/cave for days (only popping out to quickly grab food and then dart back in).  On good days it will come out and hang out in the back of my tank behind the live rock.  On bad days, I get the aforementioned behavior.  The problem is that I am getting more bad than good as of late and it has been the number one target of a Flame Angel and a Solar/Clown Fairy Wrasse (removed both as they got too aggressive).  The only fish I have successfully added in the last couple of months that hasn't targeted the Purple Firefish is my young female melanurus wrasse.  It has reached the point where the Purple Firefish has severely limited my stock options and the fact that it spends most of it's time hiding, simply makes it an unwanted source of nitrates.  If I can trap and remove it, I will.  I recognize not everyone will have this experience with Firefish, but it's not uncommon either.  For this reason I only recommend the various Firefish for those with nano tanks (ie under 30 gallons) or larger tanks (ie over 50 gallons) with plenty of fish to keep the larger/more aggressive ones occupied. 

Facts & Details

The Firefish, a.k.a. Dartfish, is a magnificent little fish that is perfect for reef tanks. These fish have a white forebody and a fiery rear body that is colored in a mix of red colors. The Firefish also has an elongated first dorsal spine that jumps up and down. These little fish have lots of personality and should be kept in a tank with lots of rock work. The Firefish likes lots of crevices, caves, and overhangs where they can hang in place. These fish prefer to be kept in pairs and do well in the home aquarium. They are great for reef tanks and will accept most fish foods.These fish are also jumpers, so precautions should be taken to secure openings at the top of the aquarium.The Dartfish family of fish are majestic little fish with an elongated body. They have long dorsal fins and small upturned mouths. This family of fish is usually found in pairs or small groups.Photo by member, Bschaible: Bobby Schaible