Flame Scallop Reviews

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  • Bright and Hearty

    Posted by anneharp44y

  • Easy to keep, amazing colors
  • May stir up stand as it moves around
  • This is well worth the money and easy to keep in a reef. I even had mine get stung many times and come back even larger and brighter then before.

Facts & Details

The Flame Scallop has a bright red mantle with red or white tentacles. It uses its shell to clamp down and propel itself through the water. The Flame Scallop will "swim" through the water until it finds a dark and rocky area of your aquarium; here it can extend and secure its foot. Flame Scallops are filter feeders and prefer an established aquarium that has sufficient calcium in order to allow their shell to grow. More than one can be kept in each tank and they will often cluster together in one spot. They make an excellent addition to any tank.Scallops are in the Class Bivalves, which connects two shells by a ligament. This ligament controls the opening and closing of the shell which is used for propulsion. When open the Scallop extends its mantle which is lined with red or white tentacles. These creatures feed by drawing in water and extracting food through a specialized filter.