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  • Foxface, Awesome when not scared

    Posted by gaegat28

  • Awesome Color and realy easy
  • very very shy
  • I have had my foxface for a little over 2 months now, and he is amazing.  When he is colored up.  But he will go a week or more with out coloring up.  He is pretty sociable so i would say peaceful fish with mine anyways but thats because mine is a wimp and doesnt hurt anything. doesnt even look at the corals, uses the cleaner shrimp and doesnt bother anything at all.  So he may be my favorite fish in my tank at times.

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The Foxface, a.k.a Rabbitfish, is a beautiful and distinctive looking fish with a bright yellow body and a black and white face. The black band begins at the tip of its snout and runs to its dorsal fin. These fish can can be kept in groups and do well with other fish, including Tangs. These fish may or may not carry a black spot on each side of its body. The Foxface should be in a tank with ample swimming room to roam. These fish are good community fish and do well in the home aquarium. The spines of this fish are poisonous -- do not touch! It is totally normal for a Foxface to be discolored or have spots anytime it is stressed or when the light first come on.This fish can show major discoloration (spotting, etc.) when acclimating, but it is not a reflection of its health. Just acclimate as normal and introduce into the tank. It is a very hardy species.It does nip and possibly eat some soft and hard coral polyps.Venomous: By purchasing this item you are aware that it is poisonous and deadly and you agree that by purchasing this item is not responsible for any injury or death that may occurPhoto by member, Bschaible: Bobby Schaible.

Foxface - Large - Venomous

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