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  • Bright and active

    Posted by anneharp44y

  • Amazing clors and attitude
  • semi- agressive
  • This fish is one of the brightest I have seen. It is not a picky eater and is quite hearty. It will not get along with some wrasse and other semi aggressive fish.
  • The Orchid

    Posted by businessadvis

  • Very beautiful fish
  • Kind of hides until used to the tank
  • I have had 2 Orchids in my tank, but not at the same time.  The color is just absolutely amazing.  This fish swims with an "elegance" to its "stride" that is just a sight to see.  While my daughter picked out the fish, I dont think we would have passed on it due to the color and personality of the fish.  Ours comes out and swims all over the tank.  During feeding, she has no problems getting in there and eating whatever kind of frozen I happen to be giving.  I would recomend this fish to any beginer as they are easy to care for, eat just about anything, and are extremely pretty.

Facts & Details

The Fridmani, a.k.a. Orchid Dottyback, is a stunning and colorful fish with its bright violet color and flowing fins. These small fish have a slender body that allows them to jet in and out of rockwork at a fast pace. In nature, they will stay in their hole waiting for passing food. These fish are hard to find in local shops as they hail from the Red Sea and are found at deep depths. The Fridmani offered at is aquacultured and does exceptionally well in the home aquarium. They are perfect for reef tanks and accept most fish foods. Only one should be kept per tank.The family of Dottybacks are well known for their elusive nature. These fish tend to stay within their crevice or cave until it is time to feed. Their color is usually quite dramatic and they are capable of changing their sex. When eggs are laid the males are known to pick up the eggs with their mouths in order to keep them aerated.

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