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This frogfish is a bright yellow with brown markings.Its skin is thick and covered in highly modified scales called dermal spicules. These spicules are prickly in appearance and resemble the warts of a toad. The frogfish has small eyes, a very large mouth that is directed upwards and its pectoral fins are situated on stalks. The gill openings are very small and located behind the pectoral fins.It is commonly found lying in sponges in shallow waters around coral reefs. The longlure frogfish generally conforms to the color of the dominant sponge in the area, with the spots resembling the openings of a sponge.It is capable of swallowing a fish that is larger in size than itself. It eats mostly fish, but has been known to also occasionally snack on crabs and mantis shrimps. Just like a recreational fisher, the frogfish will move to a different location if no fish are biting. The frogfish is reported to be the fastest animal alive. It can extend its mouth and suck in prey in about 1/6th of second and only high-speed film can catch the action.

Frogfish -  Longlure

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