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The Soapfish has pale spots about the size of the pupil or smaller on body and some on dorsal fin.A solitary species inhabiting shallow water on bottoms with eroded limestone or mixed sand and rocks, as well as around reefs. Often found lying motionless against rocks. Secretes copious mucus which makes its surface slimy and when disturbed the slime turns into a soapy foam. The mucus has been shown to contain a toxic protein. Nocturnal, frequently seen around the bases of coral colonies and near mouths of caves.They should not be kept with shrimp or small fish that they will mistake for food. They are great for fish-only tanks.Groupers come from a family of fish known as Sea Bass. These fish have stout bodies with large mouths filled with more than one set of teeth. Groupers use powerful suction to engulf their prey by quickly opening their mouths. Their prey is swallowed whole instead of being chewed.

Greater Soapfish Grouper

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