Huchtiis Anthias Reviews

Facts & Details

The males are yellowish green in color with an orange stripe located just behind the eye. Their fins are outlined in an electric blue color that gives the fish a very striking look. The females are not as brightly colored as the males and share the same orange stripe behind the eye. They are an active species, and help to draw out more reclusive fish within the aquarium. This anthias is also known as the Red-cheeked fairy basslet.In the aquarium, it should be fed a varied diet of mysis shrimp, vitamin-enriched brine shrimp, frozen preparations and other meaty items for zooplankton feeders. They prefer to be fed small quantities, several times daily.Keep a single male in a 50 gallon tank. Keep a pair or a group in at least 125 gallons.The family of Anthias are closely related to Seabasses, which include Groupers.These fish begin life as females and will change sex based on the requirement oftheir "harem". Anthias gather in huge schools around reefs where they swim withinthe school waiting for food. These schools can be seen in the hundreds and are madeup of small "harems" of a single dominant male, less dominant males, and manyfemales.