Hydor Koralia 4 1200 GPH Reviews

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  • Great powerful Pump

    Posted by purfectriot

  • Small Size
  • Can not be controlled
  • Bought mine almost 5 years ago.  It is still running.  Only Problem I have had with it was a simple Problem mine had a bad Impeller that was replaced under Warrenty.  beyond that thing has run solid since it was bought.  Mine was one with the Ceramic Shaft when new and it had to be upgraded.  I have a Yellow tang that loves to surf the current that it creates. 
  • Gets the job done

    Posted by mogoina

  • Spreads flow outwords
  • Support Breaks easily
  • I got one of these bad boys for my 60g tank. It got the job done great for a FOWLR tank. After i took that tank down it is now in my 28g tank providing great flow for the corals in it.   I had to use reef putty 4 times on it because the only thing holding up the pump is a thin peice of plastic.   What I like most about these pumps is they spread there flow outwards. Instead of most otehr pumps that have a thin jet stream.   Normal pump: ___    ----->    ------>        The flow is going one way ___------>   Korolias: ______ -----------////// ----------->>      The flow is going all direcetions ----------\\ _______

Facts & Details

Hydor Koralia Water Circulation Pumps* Submersible aquarium pump expands water circulation options* Articulating ball joint allows a wider range of aquarium water movement* Suction cup and magnet mounting system allows versatile aquarium placementHydor Dynamic, fully submersible water pumps revitalize hard-to-access "dead spots" in your aquarium. Magnetic base with articulating ball joint allows a full, 360-degree range of convenient pump positions. Directs vital water movement to areas of your aquarium never possible with conventional powerheads. Patented propeller design generates water flow that is both powerful and delicate - ideal for marine and reef aquariums. Extremely low energy consumption. Suction cup and magnet mounting system measures 2-3/4" diameter and is suitable for aquarium glass up to 1/2" thick.

Hydor Koralia 4 1200 GPH

Hydor Koralia 4 1200 GPH

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