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  • JBJ 3g Pico is great

    Posted by barker19

  • Glass, inexpensive, small
  • Small, missing heater, large fluctuations
  • I purchased a JBJ pico tank from the LFS for $160 full set-up with an upgraded odysea light, powerhead, LR, LS, and a filter. I am happy with the tank, it's fully glass which is great. The filter works great and is very quiet. The disadvantages of this tank are it's size, with only 3 gallons of water the paramateters fluctuate alot. The light you get with the tank isn't very useful, you can keep soft corals and zoas. With 3 gallons of water you have very limited fish you can have and the amount of animals you can have. I would recommend this tank to anyone who wants either a small in bedroom fishtank or a fishtank for your desk. It's a great tank with a couple easy to fix problems.

Facts & Details

Small Tank Size, Big Tank Feeling!Bigger isn`t Always Better!JBJ introduces the all new Picotope! This beautiful 3 gallon curved glass desktop is an excellent starter tank that offers rounded glass corners for panoramic viewing, beveled glass bottom, a 9W 50/50 clamp on lamp and Pico powerfilter. The Picotope is sure to add a touch of elegance and style to any room it enters! Tank Dimensions: 11.8" x 8.9" x 8.1"

JBJ 3gal Picotope Aquarium

JBJ 3gal Picotope Aquarium

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