Lawnmower Blenny Reviews

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  • Hide and Seek Lawnmower blenny

    Posted by danaj104

  • fits right into My reef and provides hours of fun for My kids, seeking where the blenny is hiding this time
  • none that I have found
  • This guy has been a great addition to My reef.  the color allows it to blend into the reef and pop out when it wants.  It has taken to lounging on the deck of a porcelain ship wreck I have right next to the reef itself and watching BACK while We watch it.    It gets along with My other fish and inverts just fine and is really easy to feed since there is a good amount of algae growth.
  • Lawnmower Blenny!!!

    Posted by themilkman83

  • Loves to eat!
  • none
  • This guy (or gal, idk) has made a great addition to my tank!  He has been a great help in keeping the algae in check and looks great while he does it!  At first I was a bit worried about a week after I put him in the tank, because at first glance, it looked as if he had swallowed a marble!  But, it was just being a glutton and eating!  One of my favorite fish in my tank.
  • algae blennies

    Posted by beomkss2502

  • Great fish to watch hardy never scared funny and cute.
  • this a great fish quite funny as well as account of him liking to sit on my rug coral I LOVE MY ALGAE BLENNY 5 stars
  • stevewieters

    Posted by petecarter1229

  • personality is great, looks like an old man
  • does not eat hair algie
  • Everyone in my family loves this fish. It likes to sit on top of a rock and watch us. It has a great personality and never bothers it's tank mates.  It does eat stuff off the rock and bottom. It swims all through the rock and pop's up in a different place every time. I'm glad I got it.It's a happy fishie!

Facts & Details

The Lawnmower Blenny, a.k.a. Algae Blenny, is a very popular algae eating blenny. These fish have a long slender body with a long dorsal fin that extends the length of their body. They are usually tan and white in color and love to perch on rockwork. The Lawnmower is aptly named for its ability to mow down hair algae. These fish have tons of personality. They make an excellent addition to any reef tank. They should be offered algae sheets on a regular basis if regular algae growth is not available.The Blenny Family is commonly confused with the Goby family. The Blennies are distinguished by their single continuous dorsal fin and habit of resting on the bottom with their body curved. These fish will usually have tiny appendages on the top of their heads called "cirri". Some Blennies inhabit tidal pools where the water is warm and shallow. They have incredible jumping ability and are known to jump from pool to pool, which lends to the other name they are known as: "Rock Skipper". Other Blennies are found hiding in crevices and caves at coral reefs. These fish have blunt heads and their teeth are combed, giving them the ability to scrape algae -- their primary food source -- from rock surfaces.Photo by member, Mark A. Barbieri.